What is a "brand coach?"

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Podcast #395 Designers who Coach with Sandra Koenig

I recently wrote that, during the pandemic, several designers I’ve been working with have taken the opportunity to evolve their business toward something more consultative and more strategic, often more coaching-oriented.

This usually involves a transition from doing the work for clients to becoming more of a strategic partner to clients.

That doesn’t mean I’m teaching designers how to be a coach – instead, I’m helping them find the market for their particular style of coaching services.

But what is a designer who coaches? What kind of coaching can a designer offer?

That’s what I discussed in today's podcast episode with Sandra Koenig of BrandingHarmony.com, a designer who has been offering what she calls “brand coaching” for several years.

Sandra shared her experience as a Brand Coach and talked a lot about how learning coaching skills has made her a better designer. So of course, I asked what are coaching skills. That triggered an interesting discussion too...

So if that’s sounds interesting to you, listen here (or below) and learn….

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