We need more women in leadership everywhere!

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If you agree that we need more women in leadership at all levels and in all arenas, share this ebook with your clients (and read it yourself too). 

Let's commit to training and mentoring that enables women to advance.

That's the goal of my mentoring and small group coaching with self-employed creative professionals but I don't reach many corporate executives — and you do! They’re your clients!

The need to end the cycle of executive inequality isn't new. But recent data shows organizations unknowingly perpetuate the gender gap by continuing to give more time, energy, and resources to helping men rise.

The good news? The data also allows us to draw conclusions and make recommendations on how to remove barriers preventing women from equal leadership opportunities.

This new eBook from CreativeLive for Business, Ending the Cycle of Executive Inequality, offers insight and advice on how learning and development programs can play a direct role in helping women rise, including "Five Steps Employers Can Take Immediately."

It features one of my new CreativeLive courses, Don't Get Pushed Around: An Introvert's Guide to Getting What You Need at Work and courses from: 

  • The Power of Negotiation with Vanessa van Edwards
  • What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam
  • Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking with Sally Dominguez
  • Become an Influencer at Work with Beate Chelette
  • Exponential Living with Sheri Riley
  • The Power of Multi-Generational Teams with Gaynor Strachan Chun


About the eBook

Ending the Cycle of Executive Inequality: How to ensure your company provides women equal access to leadership development, based on an industry research report from Training Industry, Inc., explores the gender leadership gap and provides concrete actions companies can take to remove the barriers preventing women from equal leadership opportunities.

What we believe: CreativeLive For Business

We believe if your people aren’t at their best personally, they won’t be at their best professionally. We believe education opens doors, breaks down barriers, fosters growth and collaboration. We believe in helping people become more strategic, engaged, communicative and resilient in work and life. And we believe in going beyond simply training employees—we’re committed to developing happy, well-rounded successful people and leaders.

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