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So, you have (or are planning) a great, custom website…

But you’re only using stock photos?

I’d love to butt in and share my two-cents.

Don’t skimp with your images or think that stock photos alone will do the job!

My strong opinion: Good website photos are another necessary professional expense.

Yes, a custom designed website will take your business up a few notches, but why not max out its impact? Have awesome images that make the experience even richer and more appealing for your audience. Let your viewers use your website to climb into your business so they can feel who you are and what you do. You can do this by getting custom photos and following a few tips. Here’s one:

Don’t be afraid to show personality. 

Try to be more authentic in your photos—not posed. (As I’ve talked about before, inauthentic photos just don’t cut it!) Get photos where you and your team members are actually doing day-to-day stuff in your environment. You want to capture the personality of your business and what it actually feels like to work with you…so stop trying to imitate corporate stock photos (even though Emilia Clarke makes it pretty hilarious).

Read the other three tips in my latest blog post:
4 Tips for a Website-friendly Photo Shoot

P.S. Some recommended photographers include:


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