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I've been surprised lately to see how many creative professionals feel insecure and are asking for material about how to build confidence.

So if that's you, you're not alone.

That's why I said yes when I was approached recently to be part of the "Creative Confidence Summit."

If just the name sounds good to you, sign up here for this online event that starts TODAY (Monday) -- it's free!

I like what the organizier, Patricia Echevarria, who is a designer and a psychologist (!), is trying to do.

She has invited me, and 30 other global leaders, to share secrets about maximizing your creative potential.

You will hear from:

  1. Alex Mathers, (Illustrator & Founder of Red Lemon Club, )
  2. Andy Molinsky (Business & Psychology Professor, Author of 'Reach,')
  3. Beth Buelow (The 'Introvert Entrepreneur,' )
  4. Cory Huff ( Founder of 'The Abundant Artist,' )
  5. David Nichtern ( Buddhist Teacher & Award-Winning Composer, )
  6. Erin Falconer ( Co-founder at 'Pick the Brain,' Author of 'How to Get Shit Done,' )
  7. Flora Bowley ( Artist, Author, & Creative Guide, )
  8. Jessica Hische ( Award-winning Illustrator & Type Designer. )
  9. Jeff Moore ( Founder of 'Everyday Power.' )
  10. Marc Johns ( Artist. )
  11. Michael Bungay Stanier ( Founder at 'Box of Crayons' and Author of 'the Coaching Habit.' )
  12. Dr. Michael Cotton ( Founder at 'Higher Brain Living.' )
  13. Rollin McCraty ( Director of Research at 'Heartmath.' )
  14. Tamara Laporte ( Creative Catalyst & Founder at 'Willowing Arts.' )
  15. Ted Leonhardt ( Design Professional & Creative Business Leader. )
  16. Tim Brownson ( Life Coach & Founder at 'A Daring Adventure.')
The event starts TODAY: February 19th, and it's FREE when you join today.
You can reserve your spot here:

When you join us for the Creative Confidence Summit, you will learn how to:
  • Increase your Confidence: Overcome limiting beliefs and self doubt, so you can fully trust your in-tuition and creative visions.
  • Access your Creative Power: Get clear on your unique gifts, so you can leverage your unique strengths, and maximize your individual potential.
  • Tap into Creative Flow: Learn scientifically proven techniques to access your greatest creative flow state, and access your inner guidance, on a daily basis.
  • Thrive as a Creative Entrepreneur: Learn from creative entrepreneurs who have crafted unique career paths, and will share the keys to innovate and thrive in the creative economy.
  • Make a Lasting Impact: Leverage your unique potential to amplify your voice, and make a greater impact in the world.
Plus, you'll get free gifts and resources from every speaker to help you access your creative power, tap into your creative flow state, grow your creative business, and make a greater impact in the world.

The world needs your creativity more than ever before, so don't wait.
Reserve your spot here and join us FREE:

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