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If you’re a new freelancer, you’re moonlighting, or you’re in-house but hoping to make the jump—then my brand new 2-week, online course, “How To Start Your Own Freelance Business” is for you. This online class starts today! Join us live, or get the materials to use at your convenience—just be sure to use promo code “IBENUN” for 20% off.

In this multi-media, self-paced, two week course, I will show you how to set a strong foundation and then we’ll cover the four hats you wear as a successful freelancer. You’ll learn about marketing and sales, client relations and etiquette, pricing and taxes, and how to establish a work/life balance.

With my promo code (IBENUN), you’ll get a wealth of information for just $79, including: 500x500_HowTo-FreelanceBiz-190x190

LESSON 1 Setting a Strong Foundation for Freelancing
• What it Takes to Succeed as a Freelancer
   o Reading: The Freedom of Freelancing
   o Audio: What It Takes to Be a Successful Freelancer
• Integrating Your Values & Vision into Your Business
   o Audio: Integrating Values Into Your Positioning
   o Companion Worksheet
• The Nuts ‘n Bolts
   o Reading: How to Plan for the Jump
   o Reading: Freelancing 101-103
   o Audio: What to Expect When You’re Freelancing
• The Legal Basics of Freelancing
   o Audio: Legal Basics of Freelancing
• The Importance of a Strong Network
   o Reading: The Four Types of People You Need in Your Network
• Back Office Task Checklist
   o Reading: Back Office Task Checklist
• Assignment 1: Setting Your Strong Foundation
• Bonus Material

LESSON 2 SYLLABUS: The 4 Essential Aspects of Freelancing
• Introduction
• Money: Pricing Basics
   o Reading: The Business Mindset
   o Audio: The Art & Science of Pricing
   o Audio: The Dark Art of Pricing
• Marketing/Sales: Your Ideal Client and the 5 Best Marketing Tools
   o Video: A Little Marketing Every Day Goes a Long Way
   o Reading: 3 Steps to Find Your Ideal Clients
   o Video: Marketing-Smart Websites
• Client Relations: Setting Boundaries
   o Audio: Saving Your Sanity Through Better Client Relations
   o Reading: Managing Your Clients
   o Reading: Your Business Policies
• Work/Life Balance: What Is Your Ideal Day?
   o Video: Design Mom
   o Audio: What the Heck Is “Work/Life Balance” Anyway?
• Success Stories from Freelancers Who Took the Leap
   o Reading & Video: Nick Matarese of The Creative Barn
   o Reading & Audio: Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design
• Assignment 2: Creating Your Freelance Business

Ready to start your freelance business? Sign up today for “How To Start Your Own Freelance Business” – and don’t forget to use promo code “IBENUN” for 20% off.

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