How to Start a LinkedIn Newsletter in Three Steps

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Do you believe in “newsletter magic”?

Ok, I made it up…

Because, time after time, when my clients send out a newsletter to everyone they know – and keep it going…

They “magically” get clients and projects they’re excited about.

For example, Dawn Mitchell, one of my SMP+ members, just hit her business goal - and it’s only March!

She attributes her success to her email newsletter.

Watch this video to find out how her newsletter helped her land a big client:

But even if you don’t yet have a list, you can generate your own “newsletter magic”...

You don’t even need email marketing software.

All you need is a LinkedIn account. (You have that, right?)

It’s really simple.

Here’s how to start a LinkedIn Newsletter:

1. Turn “Creator” mode ON.

Go to your LinkedIn profile, scroll down to “Resources,” and find where it says “Creator Mode: OFF.” Click to change it so it says, “Creator Mode: ON.”

Turn Creator Mode "ON"

2. Back in your “newsfeed,” click on “write article.”

Write Article

3. Create a newsletter.

When it takes you to the article editor, hit the “Create a newsletter” button. It will lead you through choosing a title, description, etc.

And that’s it! Write your first issue and hit “Publish.”

Another benefit of doing this on LinkedIn: All your connections will instantly be invited to subscribe.

And voila!

You've got a newsletter and a list! You'll be surprised how many people subscribe!

Remember: This is all a big experiment. You really can’t go wrong for trying it out. (And of course you can always delete it.)

In fact, I think it’s such a good idea to start a LinkedIn newsletter…

That I started my own – as a little sister to these Quick Tips – specifically to give you tips on using LinkedIn to grow your business.

It’s called:

Quick LinkedIn Tips
Painless ways to grow your creative business with a little LinkedIn magic

You can read and subscribe here.

In the very first issue, I share a trick to find the email address for anyone on LinkedIn - even if it’s not listed on their profile.

You’ll also learn my favorite secret to getting engagement on LinkedIn.

It’s all-new content that you won’t find here in the Quick Tips newsletter.

I hope you will read and subscribe here.

And of course, I hope you like it!

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