Should your website have pop-ups?

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We’ve arrived at Step #6 (as defined in my free report): Choose your Call to Action. When it comes to CTAs, the goal is simplicity. Here’s why…

Have you ever met someone who said, “Let’s hang out”—and then they proceeded to give you 15 options of what you could do together? Get coffee. Go for lunch. Go shopping. Get a tattoo. It’s overwhelming and confusing—and sometimes, you just want someone else to give you a clear next step.

For my own website redesign, I am considering something a little unusual when it comes to how to share these calls-to-action…Pop-ups.

Pop-ups have had a bad reputation. They were fairly icky in the early days of the web. But these days, when they’re done in a thoughtful way, they can be helpful, not intrusive. These days, they can also look great (like the rest of your site!) to provide a consistent user experience.

Here are the kinds of pop-ups I’m considering:

  • Intention-based pop-ups: If a website user demonstrates intent to leave the site (exit-intent) a pop-up can be triggered that’s sort of like saying, “Hey, before you go, let’s stay in touch!” According to PopupAlly, exit-intent pop-ups can increase conversion by over 300%.
  • Timed pop-ups: These show up after a certain amount of time so they don’t bombard visitors. SumoMe says the best time to introduce a pop-up is after 5 seconds.

Discover my calls-to-action and see examples of pop-ups I like.

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