Should You Write That Proposal? [QTMM 5/9/18]

5 Criteria to Decide Whether to Write That Proposal

I know it's exciting when a prospective client says, "Will you send me a proposal?"

They love your work and this new project will look great in your portfolio. It could turn into something bigger; they're dangling more work in front of you.

But think first before you write that proposal. And please use criteria to decide.

Here are 5 criteria I presented recently at HOW Design Live:

  1. Are they a good fit for you? Will this get you closer to your goals?
  2. Are you a good fit for them? And can you make that argument in a compelling way in your proposal? 
  3. Can you speak to a decision-maker? Or are you talking to "procurement" or a lowly marketing assistant?
  4. Will they meet with you? And can you present your proposal?
  5. Do you know someone on the inside? 

I've seen too many creatives waste too much time on proposals that go nowhere.

The bottom line is:
Don't write a proposal if you can't have a conversation with someone who will be involved in the project. Trust me, it is very difficult to differentiate yourself on paper alone. 

Instead, use the time you would have spent on the proposal and do some marketing instead. If you don't know what to do, let me help or try one of my simple marketing plans, designed especially for you. They're on sale here today

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