Should you give free advice?

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I got this message from a colleague the other day:  

Quick question (if that’s ok - i don’t want to ask for free advice since this is your livelihood!) - should a cover letter be brief, or go into detail."

I responded with this:

I would give some detail that highlights what you want to make sure they don't miss

Then I added this: 

And please don’t hesitate to ask for any “free advice” -- I give it all day long and sometimes I even turn it into content.

Then I tweeted this:

Quick Tip: Give free advice then turn it into a blog post or other content! Great way to kick off a #contentmarketing strategy.

Then I wrote the blog post you're reading now. 

That's just one of the many ways to do content marketing. Want more? Read "3 Simple Strategies for Content Marketing That You'll Actually Do."

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