Should you design your own website?

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We live in a culture where the do-it-yourself mindset is prevalent. Just take a glance at Etsy, Pinterest and HGTV. I’m not knocking themthey are some of my favesbut they can also create overwhelm by making us think: I should be able to do this myself!

Heck, it’s great to do things yourself.

But only when you have the time, interest and skill (or the time to acquire the skill)!

And sometimes we just need a professional because we can’t do it ourselves. (It’s why I hired Ilise as my business coach.)

People ask me all the time whether—with builders like Wix and Squarespace—it’s better for people to design their own websites. And sometimes the answer is yes.

In my latest blog post, I answer the question:
Do it yourself vs. do it right?


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