[Podcast] #346 Should you barter your creative services?

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If you’ve ever bartered your services, you know it can be tricky. There’s an art to it, from deciding whether to do it, to making sure everything is fair and everyone feels valued.

In the latest episode of the Marketing Mentor Podcast, time lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern, and I talk about a recent barter opportunity he pursued and how he made it a win/win for both parties. 

One listener added this: 

I enjoyed this episode and always appreciate hearing Michael’s take on things. I wanted to share one additional thought about bartering. Bartering doesn’t have to be 100% trade. On a number of occasions, I’ve agreed to barter for a percentage of the project fee like 30% or even 50%. So the client still pays a portion in cash but the rest is in trade. So far this has worked out really well, and especially so when I’m doing work for local businesses that I already patron or for friends who have businesses. For example, for restaurants, I’ve asked for the cash equivalent of their 30% in trade to be given as a gift card which makes it super easy for everyone to track.  

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Photo credit: Michael e. Stern

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