[Video] Radical idea to get people to respond -- could this work?

Radical times call for radical action -- and humor!

I have a theory about why people don’t respond anymore… 

Most questions actually require a thoughtful response, not a simple yes or no. But because we don’t have (or make) time to think of that thoughtful response and then clearly articulate it in writing, and because we don’t just pick up the phone and have a quick chat anymore, we give in to the carelessness and laziness of not responding at all.

Plus we are all really overwhelmed with the quantity of messages coming at us from all directions, creating a real sense of paralysis.

I see very harmful effects of this trend, including creating a silence which people fill with their worst possible scenarios and fear.

So here's a possible solution -- use humor to wake them up! Here are 3 typical scenarios:

1. "Is the project finished?" For a client who's gone rogue.

Subject line: my insomnia, our white paper
Dear (name),
So at this point I'm not even sleeping any more -

Just tossing, turning, and staying up all night - thinking about our white paper and what has become of it.

Especially since back in the day, you guys always responded with your comments and suggestions so fast!

So, what do you think about the white paper draft - good, bad, or terrible?

P.S. I can send you another copy of the invoice, which is past due ... but I'm much more concerned about your satisfaction than my bill......

2. "Are you ready to get started?" (For a prospect)

Subject line: We're/I'm ready if you are...
My head is spinning with ideas for your website and marketing … and I am champing at the bit to help you beat (name of their competitor) to a pulp!

Are you ready to get started and take business away from them?

3. "What's the status of our project?" (For clients and colleagues in the middle of a live project!)

Watch it here and see all 25 episodes of "What to Say When: Tips & Scripts for Tricky Situations at Work" here: http://cr8.lv/WhatToSay 

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