[Podcast] "The Beautiful Thing About Marketing -- It Works When You Do It"

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Marketing works. That is the beautiful thing about it. There is nothing magic about it. It just works if you do it.

That's my favorite quote from my recent podcast interview on Innovabuzz with Jürgen Strauss -- "a transformational marketing strategist, podcaster, speaker, the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz"

He pulled out several of the takeaways in the show notes -- here are a few more:

Keep the marketing going and keep the conversation expanding with your existing clients so that they are aware of how much you can bring to the table.

Keep evolving with your clients. Keep learning about how their needs are changing and how you can cultivate your relationship with them.

The Buzz – Innovation Round

I don't usually like these quick answer segments, but this one wasn't bad. Here are my answers to the questions of his Innovation round.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative –  Flexibility is the key. Be constantly looking out for how you need to change, adjust, shift, and learn for whatever is coming next. 
  • Best thing for new ideas I just listen to my clients. Constantly listening to the market for how I need to change, what I need to offer, and always reinventing myself.
  • Favorite tool for innovation –  Google Docs, Zencastr, and Function Fox.
  • Keep project / client on track Communication. Be patiently persistent.

Listen here or below.

You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter and Facebook 


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