[Podcast] How to Earn More on Every Project with Tiered Pricing with Brian Clark

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how to earn more money on every project

In this episode of the Unemployable podcast, Brian Clark and I chatted about how to do tiered pricing and why it's so much better for your business than (heaven forbid) hourly pricing. 

Tiered pricing changes the money conversation so many creative professionals dread. 

By offering tiers or choices to your client, it moves you from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset, which will make you so much more confident.

But also, by letting the client choose from your options, it positions you as a "leader" in the relationship, rather than an order taker, while at the same time, putting them in a position of control over which choice they make.

Plus, it almost completely eliminates the need to negotiate because the tiers do the negotiating for you!

In our chat, Brian also references his podcast interview with Mike McDerment, of FreshBooks (the sponsor of his podcast). I also interviewed Mike a while back about value based pricing for an article I wrote for HOW Magazine -- watch our interview here or below. 

Mike McDerment on pricing from Marketing Mentor on Vimeo.

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