[Podcast] Experienced Newbie #4 - Entering the Brand New Cannabis Market

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Episode #319 of the Marketing Mentor Podcast: another "experienced newbie" tries something new "on the side" and on the 1 year anniversary of Maryland-based, Brand Joint, has a lot to show for it!

How do you start a brand new branding business that focuses on a brand new industry? And how do you educate this brand new market on the value of branding and design services? It helps to be an “experienced newbie” – which is what I’ve been calling creatives who, after a long career, either reinvent themselves or start something new -- something both! 

In today’s episode of the Marketing Mentor Podcast, I spoke with my client, Jenn Culpepper who, after running a design firm that didn’t specialize in a particular niche, started Brand Joint, a second design and branding firm in the brand new cannabis industry – with no relevant samples to show!

In our interview, Jenn shared with me the strategy she used to approach the industry, which marketing tools are proving most effective one year out and, my favorite question, "Do you have to be a stoner to work in the cannabis industry?" 

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