[Podcast] #356 Jane Friedman on How to Get Your Book Published

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Should you write a book?

It always surprises me how many people want to write a book and how impressed they are that I have written 7 of them.

I don’t mean to diminish my accomplishments or strike a note of false modesty. But the reality is that writing a book isn’t that hard – it just takes a lot of work. And being a published author really isn’t all that glamorous – especially when anyone with access to the technology can self publish.

My books have always been marketing tools for my services and they work really well because people are so impressed -- a book definitely conveys credibility. And if that’s your goal, it’s often worth the effort.

That’s where this week's guest, Jane Friedman, comes in.

As a veteran of the publishing world, I thought she would be the perfect person to answer my questions about a book as an advanced content marketing tool.

We also got into an almost philosophical discussion about the definition of a book and what people are actually paying for when they buy one.

So if you are thinking of writing a book to market your business, listen here (or below) to my conversation with publishing veteran, Jane Friedman, on the difference between publishing for money vs. publishing for credibility, the myths about being an author, the rise of self publishing and, of course, how to get your book published.

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