[Podcast] #354 Revolve Speaker, Ali Schwanke, on "Vanity Metrics"

Marketing has gotten really complicated, what with the rise of data and the abundance of data. It’s almost impossible to know which metrics matter, how many followers or "likes" are enough and what, if any of it, really counts.

Here's a quote I heard recently:

Not everything that matters can be counted. And not everything that’s counted matters.

I think that’s important to keep in mind.

Because much of what gets counted falls into the category of “vanity metrics,” and have nothing to do with the bottom line.

That’s what Ali Schwanke of Simplestrat will be speaking about in her session at Revolve next month in Charleston. It’s called, Vanity Numbers Lie. Learn the Truth About Marketing Metrics and What You Should Be Tracking

And that’s one of the things we touched on in our podcast episode. 

So listen here (and below), and learn.

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