[Podcast] #336 Michael e. Stern on How to Decide How Big Your Business Should Be

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Photo by Michael e. Stern, BuildaBetterPhotograph.com

I got this message recently from a creative professional who signed up for my free mentoring session:

"I've been in business for a while, I do good, creative work for (mostly) good clients, but I'm often spread thin because I work in many industries and offer many services myself. I have never marketed and get all of my clients through word of mouth or via my website. I would like to focus my business more (I have some ideas about this) and I would like to grow my business, add employees, and just generally avoid the feast or famine cycle. I guess you could say that I would like to go from being ""self-employed"" to have more of an entrepreneurial mindset if that makes sense."

A few days, later, time lapse film producer, Michael e. Stern, approached me with an idea for a podcast which was, essentially, exactly that topic! 

I do love a coincidence....so if you are trying to move from "self employed" to "entrepreneur" but you're not sure how big you want your business to be, listen to this interview and find out how Michael made the decision for himself.  

Listen here or below: 

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