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[Podcast] #330 Thomas Heath on Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In the third episode of Season 2 of the “Revolve Conference Speaker Podcast Series,” Ilise Benun, of, interviews Business Coach and Brand Strategist, Thomas Heath, whose topic is Increase Engagement with Storytelling Videos, at The Revolve Conference, where design and creativity meet marketing and design.

This interview didn't turn out how I had planned, but Thomas and I got to talking about LinkedIn – I asked him all my latest questions about it, and he gave some great tips about the value of endorsements and recommendations, whether it’s worth paying for premium and lots more. So listen here and learn…

And I hope to see you at the big event next week, Oct. 26-27, 2017 in lovely downtown Charleston SC. Details here: and more Revolve speaker podcasts here.

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