[Podcast] #325 Michael e. Stern on how to handle demanding clients

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One of the things I love about being self employed, and therefore free to choose what I want to work on, is that all of my projects are interconnected and the ideas spill over from one to the other, enriching each other along the way. That’s a very satisfying experience and, while some might call it multitasking, I don’t.

It’s been a while since I chatted with Michael e. Stern on the podcast but he’s back for another conversation on this topic, because he has a similar experience with his work.

Our conversation also meandered into territory about how to handle abusive or even demanding clients, including the ones who engage you for a project and then never answer your email!

In fact, Michael told me a story about a very recent $60K client he “fired” for just that reason and you can hear the self respect dripping from his voice. It’s worth trying to emulate.

My favorite quotes from the conversation:

“The prize of self employment is the freedom and you need to pat yourself on the back and start to be more selective.”

“The work [comes} first and the integrity of the delivered service; the money will follow.”

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