Highlights from Get Better Clients Bootcamp #2 @ PhotoPlus Expo 2017

One of the best parts of the Get Better Clients Bootcamp is hearing directly from one of those "better clients" - the ones who value your services and can pay what you need to charge. 

When we presented it last month at PhotoPlus Expo, that "better" client was the lovely Jamie Saunders of Neenah Paper and Packaging. 

Afterward, Jamie posted this on Facebook:

Today is one of those days where you realize... I really do have something to say that people actually want to hear. My opinion is valuable and relatable, it is helpful and appreciated.

Thank you Ilise Benun for organizing the Get Better Clients Boot Camp- it gives the client a voice, a chance to be understood and a chance to help creatives reach their target client in a better way. Bridging the gap between creatives and marketing is a struggle and each side simply just wants to be understood. Why do you do what you do? Where do your budgets come from? How do you want to be approached? Why does it take you so long to respond? How come your creative brief sucks?

It’s the perfect set up to help foster that understanding and I am proud to represent the client. I love my creative friends- I back you, I fight for you and I enjoy working with you. I love being able to share my side. I love hearing your side. Let’s keep the conversation going.

And I got this memento from one of the attendees, Alexandra Viva, an underwater photographer.

Download my materials from the Bootcamp here: http://gettalk.at/ppe