Nervous about networking in person? [QTMM 8/16/17]

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Today is the perfect day to start looking for Fall networking events, where you can meet your ideal prospects in person.

That's the way to make the strongest possible impression and gather the most useful information about your market. 

You can start your search with my list of trade associations.

And here's my best tip to get over any anxiety you may conjure up in preparation for these events. 

Don't try to sell yourself; instead, use curiosity as a marketing tool.

Seek to learn as much as you can about the people, companies, projects and opportunities you encounter.

Approach the entire event as a research expedition, rather than a "sales" opportunity.

Then, follow up, of course.

The Marketing Blueprint will show you how.

May I also suggest you join me at one of my speaking events in October:

* Oct 16-21 at AWAI Bootcamp in Florida

* Oct. 25 at PhotoPlus Expo in New York

* Oct 26-27 at Revolve in Charleston SC

Here's my speaking calendar for details. See you there? 


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