My yearly recap: Then and now.

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2015 is the last time I did an annual recap. Whew, where did the years go? I decided to compare this year to seven years ago … And you know what? I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

Over seven years, my actions have been gradual, but I can see that a little bit adds up over time! So, if you want better projects, more time, or more freedom — take a teeny-tiny step. They really do snowball in what feels like no time.

Maybe when we get a little more seasoned, we realize things don’t have to happen RIGHT NOW. They can happen little by little, and they last — instead of doing something drastic (that might give you quick results) that doesn’t actually stick.

Incremental changes really do add up over time. Here’s proof: 2022 by the numbers.

If you want a sure way to take those teeny-tiny steps, check out Marketing Mentor's Simplest Marketing Plan for 2023.


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