Mary's "Magic" Message (or how to prevent a prospect from ghosting you)

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In my new course for Domestika, Writing a Winning Proposal: Land Your Dream Clients, I teach a simple new strategy that will increase your win-rate on proposals. 

In the course, I call it "Cookie #2" -- it's part of the Proposal Oreo Strategy

So many of my clients lately have been using this strategy and not only are they avoiding being ghosted -- they are winning more of the proposals they invest so much time in.  

WordPress Web Designer, Mary Maru, is just one of them and, in this video clip (above too), she shares her "magic message." 

Read on for the transcript too....

"Well, what I do that has worked really, really well for me is this: when I am 10 minutes away from finishing a proposal, I'll shoot an email to my contact and I'll just say, "Hey, wrapping things up over here on your proposal. Let's go over it tomorrow at 10"30. Does that work for you?"

And most of the time, I'll get an email back saying, "Yep. 10:30 sounds great. We'll talk then,."

Or they'll give me an alternative time.

Very rarely will someone push back and say, "No, just send it to me."

If they really are insistent, I'll send it to them. But I've made a note in my "files." 

ilise benun
Yes, that's a red flag. "Note to self."

Just one last question for you. I'm curious. You said that you generally take the qualifying call just to have practice pitching and asking these questions. So of the calls that you do, what percentage would you say you actually write the proposal for?

Mary Maru
Definitely more than half.

I'd say three out of five or four out of five.

And I might say no to a prospect because I don't think it's a fit. And sometimes the prospect will say no to me, because I'm not a fit for them.

ilise benun
Excellent. So you're not trying to grab every single one?

Mary Maru
Absolutely not. No, that just doesn't make sense. 

ilise benun
Well, Mary, thank you so much for sharing everything about your process and tell the watchers and the listeners where they can find your website so they can see how you are promoting yourself and your marketing-smart websites.

Mary Maru
You can find me at 

ilise benun
Beautiful. Thank you so much, Mary.

Want more on how to write a winning proposal?

  • If you missed Mary on Cookie #1 (i.e. what to say when a prospect says, "Just send me a proposal"), you can watch that short clip in which WordPress web designer, Mary Maru explains how she uses my new Oreo strategy to slow things down, so she can make sure her prospect is worth her time. (You should too!)
  • That link (here it is again) also includes the podcast episode I recorded with Mary on her overall strategy. Lots of nuggets there.
  • If you want to learn how to do the Proposal Oreo Strategy for yourself, you'll love my new course, "Writing a Winning Proposal: Land Your Dream Clients" for Domestika. Watch the trailer here:

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