June 21: Free Online Digital Marketing Conference

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Digital Marketing — what the heck is it?

That was a question I asked David Bain, host of Digital Marketing Radio, when I interviewed him for my podcast recently. And through him (i.e. networking at work!) I met Alexandra Tachalova, a digital marketing consultant based in Europe, who is putting on an international online conference on June 21 called Digital Olympus. (It’s free so why not sign up here?)

Digital Olympus aims to answer the latest burning questions about this constantly changing area of marketing.

For example, did you know that Twitter is the top social media platform for B2B content sharing? And don’t you wonder where LinkedIn fits in?

To find out, read Steve Rayson‘s article, 10 Ways to Boost Your B2B Content Shares, in which he lays out the findings from his analysis of the content on the top 100 most popular B2B marketing and technology sites (over 100,000 posts published in the last year) in order to discover secrets for getting your content shared.

Steve’s topic at Digital Olympus is “Outreach & Influencer Marketing” and there are lots of other topics I’m interested in learning about from this international crowd, including:

  • How to Make Search Engines Fall in Love with your Website? with Francois Goube
  • Trust is Everything: Why Content Marketing is the Only Way Left to Grow your Business with Chris Marr
  • Psychological Effects and Paradoxes in Email marketing: 3 Must-knows with Olga Kudanova

My 30 minute session, scheduled for 2 PM Eastern, is a new one I’m developing, based on a popular Quick Tip I sent out recently, The Fine Line of Follow up. It’s called, “How Not To Stalk Your Prospects and Still Get the Project: What to Say When Walking the Fine Line of Follow-up When You Really Want the Project.” (BTW you can sign up for my Quick Tips here.)

So I hope you’ll join me and 20+ international digital marketers at Digital Olympus on June 21 — we’re sure to learn a lot!

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