Why I loved dance class

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I love to dance.

Legend has it that I was born dancing, although that’s not exactly true.

But it is true that I spent almost all of my spare time during my school age years in dance class.

Every day after school and all day Saturday, you'd find me at the front of the class, as close to the mirror as I could get, "at one" with the music (usually Earth Wind and Fire or Mariah Carey).

I never really wanted to be a professional dancer. I just loved to dance -- in class. There was nothing at stake. It was just me and my teacher and the other students in class, having fun and learning together – to the best music!

Yes, of course, it was a bit competitive and I admit, I loved when the teacher asked me to demonstrate a new step.

But more than anything, I loved being in dance class.

There was support and camaraderie. If I ever had trouble with the routine (yes, that happened!), someone would always pull me aside and go over it with me until I got it. 

Something like this is starting to happen in my small coaching groups

People are inspired by what their colleagues are working on and struggling with, even before we see success! (And we do see success --- but that's not the best part, strangely.)

In the latest Virtual Co-Working session, 10 of us carved out time on a Saturday afternoon to focus on our own marketing -- together. 

  • Several were working on their email newsletters.
  • Some were writing blog posts and articles for LinkedIn.
  • A few were researching their ideal prospects for upcoming outreach campaigns.

By the end of the session, everyone had a very satisfied smile on their face. They'd gotten their marketing done! And that makes me happy!

(If you want to join us for the next one, you can find details and dates here.)

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