How to get your ideal client's attention [QTMM 5/22/18]

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Do you want the attention of your ideal client?

The best way to get it is to stop focusing your marketing efforts on your work and start focusing on their problems. Then you present your services as the "solution." 

But what are their problems? And how would you know?

While some problems depend on the industry, these 2 are universal: 
  1. Lack of expertise. Your ideal client can't find creatives who really understand their industry. That's a problem you could solve, if you position your services properly. 
  2. Lack of professionalism. Your ideal client can't find creatives who aren't flaky and unprofessional. You could solve that problem by emphasizing your reliability and strict adherence to deadlines.  

If you lead with their problems in your marketing messages, you will get your ideal client's attention. Otherwise, you may never have a chance to tell them all about your work and how you can help them.

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