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Like it or not, what others say about you is more credible than what you say about yourself. That’s why testimonials are so important.

But what’s the best way to get testimonials from clients?

I answered that question in last week’s Office Hours session (part of the Simplest Marketing Planner program).

Watch the quick video to hear what I said and/or read on…..

The best way to elicit testimonials is to capture them when people give them.

So during or at the end of a project, if a client says, “You are the best and here's why,” you say,

“That sounds like a really great testimonial. Do you mind if I post it on my website?


“Would you mind posting that on my LinkedIn profile?

Then, you send them a link to make it really easy for them to do.

That is the best way to get testimonials because then they don't have to think about it. They've already said it! 

When you ask for a testimonial, you're making someone stop and think, “What is it about this person or the project that I really appreciated?”

So you have to be really patient and follow up, because they may say, “Yes yes yes, of course,” and then not get to it because it's not their priority and, again, they have to think about it.

(BTW, one of my favorite books is, Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug. It's about the web but I think it applies in general these days to most people.) 

Speaking of testimonials, here is a new one I "captured" (Find more on my testimonials page.)

Thanks for helping me “design” my life 

It’s been some time since we worked together, but you did wonders for my business. I’m still working on retainer with a client I picked up specifically using your techniques at a conference 10 years ago, as well as many others I gained through your advice and guidance. When we last spoke I had three employees, but since I have decided to scale back my business to just myself. I’m back to working from home, or wherever I want via my laptop. I feel very fortunate to be able to shape my day-to-day in a way that is fulfilling, enjoyable, and balanced. I essentially have designed my life, and working with you was a huge part of allowing me to do that. The value you provided 10 years ago has continued to this day to help my business, and me personally to thrive, so thank you.
Sharon B, design firm owner

And, of course, if you need help with any of this, take advantage of the free 30-minute session I offer and you can pick my brain -- I promise it's not a sales pitch! Or, if you're not ready to talk, just sign up for my Quick Tips and you can "marinate in my content."


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