How to "Connect with Pain Point Content"

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One of the ideas I've been developing lately is how to use "pain point" content to connect with your ideal clients. 

That's what my new talk for the Creative Freelancer Track at HOW Design Live was all about. 
So here are 3 examples of excellent content that speaks to the universal pain points that almost everyone you want to work with suffers from:

1. Their web site is out of date and embarrassing. Here's a web designer whose homepage speaks directly to that pain


    2. They don't know what type of images to use on social media. Here's a guest post for a non profit association about how to choose social media graphics.


    3. They have too much to do and need a creative resource they can trust. Here's a LinkedIn profile where the title and the summary speak directly to their pain


      See how much sense it makes, once you get your head around it? 
      You identify their pain point, then brainstorm content to cure that pain. Then, use that content to connect (via email and/or LinkedIn). 

      Before you know it, you're connecting with pain point content!

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