How do you pick a business name?

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I know so many creatives who have agonized over their business name.

Is all the agony worth it? I don’t think so.

Here’s the thing about a business name: You can’t be 100% certain it’s going to work for your business in 10 years—because you can’t predict the future. The best thing you can do is use what you know to make an educated guess. Then put it out there.

And yes, you can always change your business name down the road. It’s not the end of the world.

Just this summer, IHOP even faked a name-change to IHOb. Even though this was apparently a “risk worth taking,” I wouldn’t recommend changing your name unless you actually have to!

So how do you pick a name in the first place?

Here’s how my business name came about, and some tips that I hope will help you pick the right name for your business (without agonizing):
How I named my business...


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