A Formula to Hit Your 2023 Financial Goals

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You’ve probably laid out your financial goals for 2023, or I hope you have…

But have you broken them down into the number of projects you need to reach them?

Every business, and every person, is different - and money isn’t always the ultimate goal. You might want more free time or more fulfilling projects, for example.

But setting a goal will help you focus your efforts and give you momentum throughout the year. Especially if you revisit it often.

Here’s formula you can use to get started, straight from my Simplest Marketing Plan for 2023 - get it here.

Get out a pencil and paper and answer these questions:

  1. How much money do you want to earn per month?

  2. How many of which types of projects do you need and at what rates to reach that financial goal?

    Ex. I need ________ (#) ____________________________________________ (case studies/websites, etc.) at ________ (price) per month to earn ________ (monthly minimum plus profit).

  3. Who will get you there? List your 5 best prospects this month who are close to being ready to get started. These could be proposals submitted, hot prospects or recent discovery calls.

Now that you know how much you want to make, and the projects you need to get there, that will help you figure out how much marketing you need to do.

I recommend getting into the habit of spending 30 minutes every day doing your marketing.

Can’t manage 30 minutes a day? Try five.

Because, the thing is, marketing works when you do it.

Of course, it all becomes quicker and easier when you have a plan laid out for you at the start.

One of my star students, videographer Taylor Farman, recently shared how he’s reaching his financial goals by following my Simplest Marketing Plan.

Watch exactly what he’s doing in a typical week to market his business, and the results he's getting, here:

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