Have you ever written down your process?

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So far this year, I’ve been putting my foot down and maximizing efficiency. I’ve stopped working with templates and only work on custom design (here’s why). I’ve also ramped-up the efficiency of my blogging with these new blogging tools. And I’ve developed a new free report to help my clients be more efficient with their websites (which Ilise posted about here).

My recent trip to HOW Design Live also gave me some ideas on minimizing BS and increasing efficiency. Aside from hanging out with my amazing Designers Roundtable peeps, I had two major takeaways. Here’s my first:

I’m going to write down my process from start to finish and include every single step.

By documenting everything I do, I feel like I can better understand the value I bring to clients. Some of it seems super-easy to me; it comes naturally—but this session reminded me that we don’t always see the value in what we provide because it comes so naturally to us. It seems like good timing since I’m going to redo my website (I’ll be following my own new free report: GET YOUR WEBSITE DONE: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers and blogging about it). Step 2 is “define your services,” and by writing down my process, I’ll hopefully be able to see and share them more clearly.

And if you’ve ever used the word “should,” read my second takeaway here.

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