Handling Personal Crisis When You’re Self Employed

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Podcast Episode #394: Personal Crisis When You’re Self Employed with Jeanine Davis

Have you ever had an experience, an emotional experience or traumatic or life-changing experience, and felt like you just can’t be the only one going through it?

Well that was the situation designer, Jeanine Davis, found herself in recently when a loved one became ill and she had to grapple with questions such as:

  • What happens to your creative business when a crisis in your personal life takes everything you have?
  • What do you do with existing clients?
  • Where does marketing fit in, if anywhere? Should you even continue marketing yourself when you can barely keep up with the client work?
  • And what about those days when you just get nothing done at all? What do you say to yourself about that?

Jeanine came to me because she wanted to share what she’s learned with my community.

So listen here (or below) and learn.

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