How to Get Clients From Speaking

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Can you get clients from speaking engagements?

Absolutely, if you do it right!

So many of my clients have been trying public speaking as a content marketing tool and finding it as effective as I do -- for me it has been the most effective marketing tool, hands down! That's why I do so much of it. 

So I invited my friend, 2X TEDx speaker, Terri Trespicio, to share her insights on what it takes to be a stand-out speaker, and get clients from every talk you give. 

Here are a few of the questions we covered in a free webinar, "How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Reach & Influence":

  • What does it take to be a good speaker? 

  • What if you don't have anything original to say? 

  • How do you get speaking gigs? 

  • Can you get paid to speak? 

  • How do you get clients from the speaking gigs? 

  • How do you get started as speaker? 

If those are the questions you want answers to....

In the meantime, check out her upcoming event, Tapped to Speak, June 7-8 in NYC, which I highly recommend if you are trying to find your speaking idea! Details here:

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