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Whether you call yourself "solopreneur," "freelancer" or small business owner, you can't run a business all by your lonesome. To be successful (not to mention prevent burnout), there are certain people you need as part of your network. 

In an excellent piece of content marketing (a.k.a. getting your content in front of your market), The Freelancers Union recently published an article by copywriter, Tom Tumbusch, called, "7 People Every Freelancer Should Know."

I can't reveal what all 7 of them are, but you can be sure "business coach" is one of them. Here's what he says about us...

Business Coach
A coach’s objective perspective and experience can help you grow your business at any stage of your career. This can be game-changing when you or your business feel stuck. Look for a coach who is willing to take you to a certain level and then let go until you’re ready for more.


If you need coaching, take advantage of my free mentoring session to get a taste of how I work. (Here's what others have said about working with me.)

And if you want to share what you've learned about freelancing, submit your ideas to the Freelancers Union here and see what they say. They just might publish it! 

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