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Yes, it’s true. After a brief hiatus, HOW Design Live is once again offering a program for creative freelancers, solopreneurs and agency owners. And if you register by today Feb. 15 with my promo code (MENTOR10),  you'll get the best price ever!

Details here.

You know who you are…

You have the right mindset – a flexible one. You know you have to be ready to “pivot” (as they say) and shift your attention from one moment to the next, from one client to the next, from one market to the next, because, these days, things change fast.

You have the patient persistence to be constantly building and cultivating your network, while also developing your own point of view. That point of view needs to be spread via “content” – from text and images to video and audio – on social media, TV, radio, YouTube and more.

You also have courage, which will you take you much further than confidence. You trust in your ability to find the resources you need – and you know the Creative Freelancer track is one of those resources. 

Won’t you join me in Chicago? We have an early bird price you can’t afford to pass up, plus you get 10% off all HOW tickets with my promo code: "MENTOR10" 

Register here by today, Friday, Feb. 15 

Here’s what’s on the agenda:
* Identifying Your Ideal Clients and Their Pain Points
* Positioning and Messaging to Stand Out From The Crowd
* Thought Leadership Through Content Marketing
* Publishing for Creatives: Should You Become an Author?
* Media training for on camera and live audience

You’ll learn:
+ How to identify your ideal clients’ pain points
+ The universal pain points every client suffers from
+ How to develop and leverage your own content via blogs, books, video, podcasts, and more
+ The biggest mistakes business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs make when creating their brands
+ How to make your business compelling to your key audience
+ How to identify the DNA of your brand & iterate it across platforms
+ The blind spots that experts (even PR pros) miss when it comes to connecting with the media
+ How to position yourself and your business for the media
+ Insider industry knowledge that demystifies the publishing process
+ How to develop the confidence to brainstorm book ideas and decide whether authorship is for you
+ How to pitch book projects to publishers & hone your elevator pitch
+ The secret to creating dynamic and powerful videos that will catch the eye of customers
+ The dos and don'ts of video production
+ How to use videos in your business as a marketing and publicity tool to secure media and attract consumer interest.

These inspirational and practical sessions are designed for the established freelancer or agency owner who is serious about growing their business and taking it to the next level. These are the marketing tools that will attract higher quality clients with better projects – and bigger budgets too! Putting these tools into practice will allow you to take control of your career and build the business (and life) you want.

Won’t you join me in Chicago, May 9-10? Don't miss the early bird price and use my promo code (MENTOR10) for an extra 10% off now.

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