Cold emails worked on me!

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Freelancers often reach out to introduce themselves and see if I can give them work.

While I’ve gotten plenty of cold emails in the past, I never responded. The timing was never right. Yes, I knew I needed help, but I wasn’t ready so all they got was silence.

Recently, that changed. I just couldn’t do it all myself anymore; I needed help.

And my decision-making window was OPEN.

Fortunately, during this time period, Gisela and Kevin popped into my inbox. Gisela had bookmarked my site because of WordCamp. Kevin found me through a Google search.

What I liked about their messages (read them here) was:

  • They were authentic, not generic. The emailers showed they actually visited my website and had an understanding of what I do.
  • They presented skills that I need.
  • They were conversational and well written.
  • They landed in my inbox when I needed them! 

They made it so I didn’t have to ask for help, and instead, I got to say “yes” to a request they made looking for extra work. It feels great to give people work! It also feels great because it helps me immensely!

Read my latest blog post to see the actual messages they sent me.  

And if you need help with your own outreach to ideal clients, check out Ilise's new Simplest Marketing Plan for 2020 here

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