Ceviche + Marketing: A Love Story for 2024

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At some point in my life, I decided I didn’t like ceviche.

(That’s the Peruvian dish where raw fish is marinated in lemon and lime and served as a kind of chunky salsa.)

I’d never tried it, but I was sure I didn’t like it. So I ignored it on every menu.

Then, one fateful day last year while visiting friends, their daughter made fresh ceviche.

Not wanting to be rude, I tried it. And lo and behold…

I love ceviche! And now I want it all the time.

What does my newfound love of raw fish have to do with you?

I want you to love marketing the way I love ceviche – especially if you decided at some point that you didn’t like it.

You see, my goal with these blog tips and my Simplest Marketing Plan is to show you what marketing could be for you…

First, that it’s not what you think it is.

And second, that it’s something you get to bring your creativity into and make your own.

Watch me tell my “ceviche story” and share my number one way to get “quick wins” in your marketing this year in the “Best Bits” from January’s Office Hours:

It’s easier to fall in love with marketing - and find success through it - when you have a clear plan to follow, lots of excellent examples to emulate, and a community of fellow creatives to meet with every month. All of which comes with my Simplest Marketing Plan.

Speaking of success, in this month’s live Office Hours session, I asked:

How do you define success?

Here are a few of my favorite answers:

“Success means not in a constant state of panic.” - Wendy Q

“Being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it and earn an above income as a freelancer.” - Steve M

“Success for me is to use my superpowers (web design and strategy) to connect with and help others.” - Kimberly E

“Success: consistency in cash flow, writing what I want to, being a digital nomad for 3 months (minimum).” - Caryn S

“Success: Meaningful client relationships and enough income to support my health and life goals.” - Georgiana D

How are you defining success in 2024? 

Share in the comments here on LinkedIn and let’s see what everyone says.

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