Black Friday Bundle is Ready!

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It’s that time again —  the 2016 Black Friday Bundle is ready!

And today only, I’m offering the best price of the weekend. So if you know you want it, go straight to the shopping cart:

What’s in this year’s Black Friday Bundle, you wonder? Here’s what you get:

1. The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of your Marketing — it’s a brand new marketing plan for 2017, written especially for you if you are doing some marketing but it’s not quite working — yet!

2. A Simple 4 Week Marketing Campaign to go get your dream clients

3. Companion Prospect Tracker (version 1.0) — this is cool!

4. 54 excellent examples of how real designers, copywriters/content strategists and agency owners are using the most effective marketing tools (pdf + video)

5. BONUS: 5 podcasts (pdf with audio + transcripts) only available with the Bundle.

Want to know more?

Once again, I’ve started from scratch and created a brand new marketing plan, and this year it’s simpler than ever!

The Marketing Blueprint (regularly $99) presumes you’re doing some marketing but still not getting the clients you want.

I think I know why!

This year’s plan is based on the very simple premise that if you’re not connecting the dots of your marketing, it won’t really work.

It’s just not enough to “do some marketing” – you must have the right mindset and use the right tools in a way that supports your positioning message and speaks to the right people — loud and clear — at the right time! That’s a tall order, but it works when you connect the dots.

That’s what The Marketing Blueprint will show you how to do.

You see, when you connect the dots, your marketing tools have a strong impact on your ideal clients by delivering a cohesive message, over and over, that gets their attention and makes them stop and say, “This is exactly who we need” at exactly the right moment.

You may know that I like the Rule of 3 so, The Marketing Blueprint simplifies your marketing to:

  • 3 mindsets to cultivate with care (this is the missing link!)
  • 3 marketing tools to put in place (i.e. your ducks in a row)
  • 3 marketing activities to do religiously (yes, 30 minutes/day)

The Marketing Blueprint also includes a simple 4-Week Marketing Campaign which tells you what action to take, in what order and when to stop!

And, because I just haven’t able to find a contact management system that really works for creative professionals, we built a simple Prospect Tracker that actually contains the 4 Week Campaign. You have to see it to believe it…(credit goes to the amazing Maureen Adamo for this)!

Plus, again this year, there’s lots of video in which I’ve analyzed 54 Excellent Examples of real creative professionals (most are Marketing Mentor clients) who are using LinkedIn, Email Newsletters and a Marketing-Smart Web site in real life, so you can see all the different ways it can be done. This includes:

  • 6 LinkedIn Profiles of Designers
  • 6 LinkedIn Profiles of Copywriters and Content Strategists
  • 6 LinkedIn Profiles of Agency Owners
  • 6 Email Marketing Newsletters of Designers
  • 6 Email Marketing Newsletters of Copywriters and Content Strategists
  • 6 Email Marketing Newsletters of Agency Owners
  • 6 Marketing-Smart Homepages of Designers
  • 6 Marketing-Smart Homepages of Copywriters and Content Strategists

And the special podcast bonus I mentioned, for the Black Friday Sale only (audio + transcripts), covers:

  • How to pursue projects that are perfect for you
  • How 1 writer landed a $10K job and is building a portable business
  • How to Sell When You Hate Selling
  • How to Be a Media Magnet
  • A Candid Conversation with Emily and Lea from Bright Umbrella

The Black Friday Sale lasts only a few days.

Don’t wait — get it now — right here.


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