Best Email Newsletters = Less "News" and More "Letter"

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Last week at the AWAI Bootcamp, I had a bit of a revelation during Ann Handley's Opening Keynote. 

She said something I wish I had thought of!


So I did what any self-respecting speaker would do -- I revamped my entire presentation to reinforce her message. 

I didn't actually mean to revamp it -- I just thought I'd add a slide or two and quote her. But as I worked on it, I had so many ideas that the presentation I ended up giving the next morning was almost entirely new!

Watch an excerpt from it here.

In it, I shared excellent examples of email newsletters from creatives I work with, including an example of curated content by designer, Mark Misenheimer

Now, I'm taking it one step further and sharing some of the latest "Excellent Examples of Email Newsletters" created by members of my small coaching groups. The common thread here is that they all show different ways to share your new work with your people while staying top of mind.

You'll notice that all of them are very personal -- that's what's so compelling about them. That's what makes the people who know you want to read them. 


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