A Trick to Eliminate Negotiating [QTMM 1/25/18]

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If you don't like talking money, then you probably imagine that everyone else does it better than you, especially your clients. (And if you're a drama queen, you may even think they're trying to take you to the cleaners.)

But that is rarely the case!

In my recent interview with Brian Clark on the Unemployable podcast, I shared a story about a copywriter who sensed that his client was as uncomfortable as he was about "the money conversation."

That awareness relieved a lot of the stress for him.

Plus, I impressed upon him that the whole negotiation was a big experiment. His focus should be on testing a new negotiating approach on this client to see how it worked.

Well, it worked and he got the price he quoted.

Here's another trick to eliminate the pressure of negotiating: offer tiered pricing. Why?

Because tiers literally do the negotiating for you! When you offer 3 options, that defines your range. All the client has to do is choose. No nail-biting negotiating necessary!

Check out the Tiered Pricing Kit here.

(BTW if you have a tricky situation right now and need guidance or want to brainstorm goals for the new year, try my"free mentoring session.")

For more on negotiating and tiered pricing, check out these resources:

1. Listen to the Unemployable podcast with Brian Clark on How to Earn More on Every Project with Tiered Pricing (thanks FreshBooks!)

2. Watch my new CreativeLive course, "Don't Get Pushed Around "

3. Watch "The Worst Negotiating Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them" or listen to the podcast version.

4. Listen to "Controlling Your Emotions During a Negotiation" on Harvard Business Review's Ideacast

Have you tried Tiered Pricing yet?
Everyone is doing it! And it's working! Here's what Nicole E wrote to me:

Just wanted to let you know that your tiered pricing kit paid off with my very next proposal. Not only did I land a dream project with a very cool new client, but he’s opting for my top package, which is $1,600 more than I would’ve received if I had just quoted him what he asked for. Plus, he’s already talking about bringing me in for other projects. I’m excited to see where tiered pricing takes me in 2018! 

Check out my new Tiered Pricing Kit: How to Earn More on Every Project. It's probably on sale! 

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