5 Simple Campaigns to Get Your Ideal Client's Attention

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Of the 3 marketing tools in the Simplest Marketing Plan (strategic networking, high quality content marketing and targeted outreach), that last one -- targeted outreach -- seems to be the most challenging. 

Why is that, I wonder? 

Targeted outreach is like writing a love letter. You simply identify the people and organizations you most want to work with and tell them why.  

That's it -- although, admittedly, not quite, because we all know that once is not enough for anything anymore. 

So you do need to reach out once...and then reach out again, and then a couple more times usually, until it actually registers in the mind of your ideal prospect that you're trying to get their attention. 

So what is the best sequence of outreach efforts? And which of the many tools at your disposal should you use? 

Here is my attempt to answer that question -- following are 5 options (from simple to complicated but creative) to experiment with in the 4-Part Outreach Campaign that's part of the Simplest Marketing Plan:

  • The Simplest: all 4 email messages
  • Simple + LinkedIn: LinkedIn, email, email, email
  • Old fashioned: LinkedIn, email, handwritten note, email
  • Super Old fashioned:  Email, handwritten note, phone call, LinkedIn

And if you're really daring, try this kind of complicated one: 

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Email
  3. Choose one: Email, LinkedIn, Print/Snail mail, or phone call. 
  4. LinkedIn audio message! (Only available on mobile)

Here's a story about Sue, a designer who uses old fashioned direct mail to get the attention of the companies she wants to work with.

Try any of these and let me know how it goes....

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