3 things that will make your business healthy

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One thing has become clear in the last month: a healthy business is an essential.

By healthy, I mean:

  1. Your mindset is clear and positive and flexible, always on the lookout for new opportunities.
  2. Your network of clients and colleagues is strong and your marketing is focused and consistent.
  3. Your pricing is geared toward profitability.

Right now, some people are realizing that their business isn't very healthy.

This is the time to do something about that. As we venture into the unknown territory of Q2, my message to everyone is to focus on the health of your business, no matter where you're starting. 

DO THIS: Give more. Do more.
Invest in yourself and your relationships by adding a little extra value to every project you are currently working on. (I happen to know that many of you are very busy.) This is the time to go above and beyond, to give and do more than you usually do, because you can and it will payoff later. 


  1. Add an extra round of revisions, or an extra concept.
  2. And let them know. "I'm throwing in an extra idea for you."
  3. Take time to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for your favorite clients. They will appreciate it. 

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