2 Ways to Handle Difficulty

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From what I've read, there are 2 ways to handle difficulties in life: 

  1. You can react with fear, anxiety, despair, etc. (i.e. the typical way)
  2. Or you can respond calmly, constructively and hopefully, taking the opportunity to cultivate your inner resources, even if you can't change the external circumstances. 

Which one do you choose? 

Personally, I prefer #2 because I know that I am ultimately responsible for my life -- that's why I love being self employed -- and I know that we are all stronger than we think we are. We have inner resources that we're simply not using. 

This is the time for them to kick in. 

The reality is, we live on a dangerous planet with earthquakes and volcanoes and hurricanes and floods and tsunamis -- not to mention the meteorite that decimated the dinosaurs. 

Most of us have had it pretty easy -- we are indeed the lucky ones.

That seems to be changing -- and we all have to marshal our inner resources to figure out what to do about whatever is happening and answer questions like: 

  • What will the future bring? 
  • How can I adapt my business to it? 
  • What do I need to learn right now? 

Do you need to learn...

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