The Key to Winning Your Dream Clients

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I can never say it enough:

The key to growing a business and getting your dream clients to come to you when they have a need is building strong, trusting relationships.

Relationships are everything in business, and one way to build them, especially with people you've never actually met before, is through content.

Developing useful and relevant content can help you show what you know and build trust. If you use your content to stay in touch over time, you will be top of mind when your dream client is in need of your service.

It's actually that simple.

I went into detail about how this works when I was interviewed at HOW Design Live by Jake Jorgovan.

In fact, the podcast is a direct result of the relationship that Jake and I have through both blogging and podcasting -- and that's also why I invited him to be a speaker last May at the HOW Design Live conference (Watch that on YouTube).

Listen to our interview below or here

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