101 Online Courses + 76 Best Business Books + 7 Resources to Help Your Business Run Smoother

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I do love a round up of resources and some of my favorite experts have posted round ups lately. So here's a little round up of their round ups:

7 Resources to Help Your Business Run Smoother by Jennifer Hazen, whose blog is called The Jenn Report and is especially useful for Canadians.

Also, check out Jenn's elevator pitch -- she could be someone who can help you. "I build small custom lists for time-crunched creative professionals & entrepreneurs to help them find their next client or guest blogging opportunity."

And 3 of my favorite Round Ups from Ryan Robinson, Round Up Enthusiast and HOW Design Live Speaker (come to his session at the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, May 2 in Chicago):

And here's one of my favorite books, Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug. (It's topic is web usability but it applies to everything!)

Summer is right around the corner so start piling up those books now!

And I hope to see you in Chicago in May!



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