Year End Reflections & the impact of a dog video

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Last week, I shared with a friend who lives in Arizona yet another video of my dog, Fanny, frolicking and swimming in one of the many ponds at the Savannah Dog Adventure Camp. 

I learned later that watching that video motivated my friend to search for something similar for his dog in Arizona and indeed he found the Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch!

So now Lina (who, coincidentally, he has always called Adventure Dog!) has an awesome place to go, and my friends have a place they feel comfortable leaving Lina so they can travel (to visit me in Savannah -- fingers crossed emoji).

That's the impact my action had on a friend and I wouldn't have known if he hadn't told me. 

Most of the time we don't find out about the impact of our actions.

But that doesn't mean our actions have no impact.

(This is yet another example of one of my favorite cognitive biases, absence blindness.)

So as we wind down the year....

...I am spending some time thinking about the impact others have had on me that I haven't shared with them -- yet -- whether because I forgot or wasn't aware of it until I took the time to reflect.

I hope my dog-friendly example moves you to reflect on your actions and let someone know about it (maybe even in a handwritten note sent in the mail).

And if you want to watch more awesome dog videos (in 360 VR no less!), follow Running the Pack on IG and find the YouTube channel here. (And check out the shop too -- I'm gettin' me one of those hoodies!)


After I posted this on LinkedIn, others added their stories of impact, including this one from Georgiana Dearing



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