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I think I’m getting more preachy as I “mature” (watch for my birthday sale in the Marketing Mentor Shop in June, BTW), but I hear myself saying this to almost all my clients lately:

Who are your people? Where are your people? Let’s find your people. 

Finding “your people” is the key to getting out of feast or famine, to escaping the purgatory that is being a generalist, in an age when “your people” need you to be “their expert.”

In a recent article on Contently’s The Freelancer, Kate Bielamowicz quoted me as saying:

“The struggle I often see people having is thinking that everyone is their client—that everyone could be a prospect for them,” Benun said. By not defining the clientele that they want to attract, freelancers can hand over the control of their business to the marketplace. In effect, making lists is a key first step in defining your marketing strategy, or “finding your people,” as Benun called it.

So how do you know who your people are? Here are 3 ways you can tell:

  1. They have a need that you can satisfy and they know it.
  2. They land on your web site and say, “This is exactly who I need.”
  3. They respond positively when they hear what you do, nodding their heads and wanting to know more.

For help in finding your people, here are 3 resources:

And if any of this sparks questions, that may mean it’s time to take me up on my “free mentoring session” offer – it has no expiration date and I promise it’s not a sales pitch! Let’s use it to talk about who “your people” might be.

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