When is it time to stop marketing yourself?

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This, of course, is an impossible question to answer. 

But if I had to answer, I would say, "Never."

However, there are always exceptions and it, of course, depends on your situation and your personal path. 

For Melanie the Marketer, her marketing was working so well that she was getting too busy and had to pull back on certain things. 

That triggered her original question for a podcast episode -- can you ever stop marketing? 

We tackled that question, but, of course, our conversation veered into all sorts of other directions, including:

  • how Melanie uses her hourly rate to ensure profitability
  • the difference between "sales" and "marketing" when you're a solopreneur
  • and a little rant from me about "Creator" mode on LinkedIn

So listen here (or below): 

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