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Struggling to find blog content ideas?

When it comes to finding great ideas to write about on your blog, you don’t have to invent new, magical ideas every time.

Instead, you just have to find inspiration. And it’s out there!

Knowing where to look is key.

Does it relate to the problems your ideal clients are facing (the people who are paying you money)? Then put it on the idea list!

Three of my favorite tips for finding blog ideas are:

Tip #1: Look at conference sessions for blog ideas

Since my audience is creative professionals, I keep an eye on conferences like these:

Ilise shares more about this approach to conference topic-mining here: Too good to be true: a list of non profit pain points!

Tip #4: Build idea-mining into your process

One of the questions I ask on my intake questionnaire is, “Why are you taking action now? What would happen if you didn’t?” This particular question is a goldmine of important information for me. It’s actually why I did my free report on getting your website done.

Tip #7: Think like them. Not like you.

When considering ideas, you might think, “Oh, that’s kind of obvious”—but of course it is TO YOU…you’re an expert on this kinda stuff! Your clients can absolutely benefit from stuff that’s “obvious” to you. They’re experts at other stuff, not the stuff you know. Got it?!

Read the other tips in my latest blog post:
8 Tips for Find Blog Ideas

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